• Wardens


    The wardens will ‘warden’ just about anything! From street/town/city and corporate events to festivals, parties and product launches. In fact, just tell them what to warden and watch them take charge with hilarious consequences. The wardens are completely dedicated to their jobs and with the jurisdiction to issue tickets (which can be tailored and printed…

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  • The Mayor of Everywhere!

    The Mayor of Everywhere!

    Step into a world of hilarity with the mayor and his comically inept personal assistant. The mayor has an unusual talent for judging everything in sight, from dogs to knobbly knees. He bestows medals for imaginary acts of bravery and hands out rosettes, which may signify something entirely unexpected. Armed with a trusty red ribbon, they unveil the unexpected,…

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  • Tourists


    The Tourists are good old salt of the Earth boys and lovable East End cockney geezers. Truth is they don’t get out of London much…in fact, this is their first time! Having won a competition in their local newspaper to attend your event, in your town, they are completely besides themselves with happiness. Enjoy the…

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  • Paparazzi


    These short sighted celebrity crazed photographers are always on the lookout for a good photo opportunity of someone rich and famous going about their daily lives. The only trouble is that they get a bit confused about who’s who! Will you get mistaken for an A list celebrity and be snapped by the Snap Happy…

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  • Men of All Sports

    Men of All Sports

    The Men of All Sports comedy walkabout duo are set to match their game-plan to you and your event. With an athletic prowess that could match any Olympian, watch as this double act juggles, balances and ball spins through the crowds with technical skills matched only by their sharp wit and comedic banter. These gentlemen…

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  • Patent Pending

    Patent Pending

    Enjoy the two most madcap inventors you’ll ever meet… With a suitcase full of all of their latest crazy inventions (all patent pending), they set off onto the streets to show off their ludicrous ideas and gadgets. This fun, family friendly duo are looking to test their ridiculous inventions out on the general public, always…

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  • The Sailors

    The Sailors

    Prepare to be piped aboard the good ship Unsinkable II as the captain and his hapless cadet make the rounds ensuring that everything is all shipshape and Bristol fashion.  They are on the lookout for new crew to join them on their voyages if only they could remember where theyʼd anchored up. They’ll have you…

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  • The Pilots

    The Pilots

    Pilots, Chief Captain Tom Jones and his hapless and hopeless Co-Pilot Colin Jones are proudly flying the flag for their new Bargain Travel Tour operation Bucket Airlines. They’re out to cut the competition in half with the cheapest flights, holidays and sightseeing excursions on the planet. The Pilots have a new airline and they’d like…

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  • Roving Radio

    Roving Radio

    Meet these two keen enthusiastic commentators for Roving Radio. With their portable amps and brightly coloured microphones they love to mix and mingle amongst the crowds reporting on everything and anything. What they lack in sporting knowledge, they more than make up with enthusiasm and energy. They’re experts at taking the ordinary situations and making them…

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  • WishElf


    Meet the WishElf – The enigmatic keeper of Christmas wishes. His light-up bauble holds the power to process your wishes and store them ready to be sent off to Wishing Central. With every moment, the bauble twinkles as it waits for new wishes to arrive. 
The magical bauble responds with reactive lights and chimes, enhancing the spectacle. Encounter the WishElf with…

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  • Small Talk

    Small Talk

    Small Talk are renowned for being mischief makers and for their wicked sense of humour. What they lack in height they more than make up for in personality! They will have you clutching your sides with laughter as they babble on about everything and nothing. Unbeknown by Santa, these two mischievous elves have strapped themselves…

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  • Two Wise Men

    Two Wise Men

    Having ditched their third wise man, Frank (who was incensed), the remaining two wise men have set it upon themselves to recruit a substitute! Are you wise enough to join them? The Wisemen approach everyone to see if they have what it takes to be a wise person. Having a beard is merely a bonus…

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