The Pilots

Pilots, Chief Captain Tom Jones and his hapless and hopeless Co-Pilot Colin Jones are proudly flying the flag for their new Bargain Travel Tour operation Bucket Airlines. They’re out to cut the competition in half with the cheapest flights, holidays and sightseeing excursions on the planet.

The Pilots have a new airline and they’d like to tell you all about it…

Please make sure your seat buckles are securely fastened, and your tray table is up as you watch and enjoy these two hilarious farcical flying fools sell you the idea of your dream holiday at a knock down bargain price.

The pilots may even tell you some of their own tales of disastrous travel escapades that led them to start their own tour operator business! The Bucket airlines company motto is “Think Travel, Think Bucket! It doesn’t cost the earth to see the Earth!” Though the earth may be all you get to see!

We hope you have a lovely onward journey and will fly Bucket again soon!