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The2Men is a collaboration of the minds of two very silly men who ought to know better!

Putting on their costumes transforms them into the characters with hilarious results. They like to be as loud and ridiculous as possible so that they attract attention over large areas for their impromptu walkabout performances.

They will seize any opportunity to interact with people and draw them into their playful parodies! All themed characters combine carefully choreographed and rehearsed pieces and the always unexpected delights of improvising with whatever situations they may encounter.

The2Men are Anton Mackman and Dave Solo. Both have been involved in street theatre and other outdoor and indoor performance for over 20 years.

“Walkabout theatre is not just putting on a costume and wandering around. It’s about the way that the actors take on the role and how real or surreal they can make it!

It’s about engaging with the people and surroundings, then creating as bizarre, funny, and entertaining a performance as you can by drawing people into your ridiculous farce!”

Dave & Anton

  • “Absolutely hilarious! A complete hit!”
    Paramount Comedy Festival
  • “Completely mad! Completely brilliant!”
    Brighton Festival
  • “We had a great time with The2Men and the people just loved them. I think their performance in Helsingborg, Sweden was one people will not to forget in a hurry”
    Passage Festival
  • “Ridiculous and sublime”
    Glastonbury Festival
  • “Guaranteed crowd pleasers”
    Fools Paradise Ltd
  • “The only act we have back every year”
    Ashbourne Street Festival

Contact The 2 Men

Email: laugh@the2men.co.uk

Tel: 07970 100009