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Passage Festival 2016 Helsingor & Helsingborg

Wow what a great Passage Festival!

For the past week The2men have been fortunate to be part of one of Europe’s finest street and indoor theatre festivals. Passage festival is collaboration between Denmark and Sweden (Helsingor and Helsingborg) to bring in and share performance artists from around the world in a union that celebrates the friendship of the two nations.

We have clocked up hundreds of miles as we toured around the two countries performing our street theatre comedy walkabout shows as Tourists, Wardens and Paparazzi in a variety of different towns and cities alongside some of the world’s best artists from around the globe. What a treat!

Was only being able to speak English a problem?

We have had such a great time and had some of the best shows ever. Fortunately for us the Danes and the Swedes are all fluent English speakers so there were no problems with them understanding our zany brand of visual and verbal comedy walkabout. The audiences have been some of the best we have ever played to and we had an absolute ball! Of course at this time of the year both countries have a great many tourists visiting so we’ve noticed that we now have many new followers on our Facebook and Twitter from all over the world.

Here are just some of the many photos from the festival. Highlights would definitely include being jumped over by BMX bikers, entering into a baton twirling competition, being handcuffed by Swedish police, messing around with the army, playing table football in the streets to cheering fans, orchestrating riots, conducting marching bands and taking over Ferries! To name but a few!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the amazing coordinators, volunteers and audiences of this incredible week of events and also to Fools Paradise for booking us. Check out the Passage Festival site for more information and book your tickets for next year.