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Gatwick Airports Fun Friday Summer of Fun

The Holiday starts here with Fun Fridays

If you are going to be flying abroad from Gatwick Airport on a Friday morning in the next 6 weeks you may be in for a slightly different departure than you’d bargained for as Gatwick begins its Fun Friday!

What is Fun Friday?

To cope with Gatwick’s busiest holiday departure times they have organised Fun Friday. It’s a packed schedule of amazing performance artists from around the country to entertain you while you drink your coffee, check your passports and wait for your gate number to be called.

The idea of Fun Friday is to keep passengers happy as they wait for their flights and we are delighted to announce that The2Men comedy walkabout will be there in all our many guises to add a whole new dimension to travel.

Keep your eyes peeled (not literally) for our happy, hapless comedy pilots Captain Tom Jones and Co-pilot Colin Jones of the new and exciting Bucket Airlines as we search the airport for the keys to the plane that we’ve inadvertently mislaid or listen to us ramble on about some of the benefits of flying with our new no frills bargain bucket airline. If you are lucky we may even show you our flight recorder or sing you some of the songs we sing in the cockpit because the radio’s broken!

Its not just the Pilots

Also keep an eye out for our ever keen comedy Wardens issuing tickets to everything and anything they see fit (including fixtures and fittings!)

This isn’t a new event for Gatwick Airport but something that has been running really successfully for them for the past three years during their busiest periods. Aside from ourselves you’ll see many of weird and wonderful comedy walkabout performances, singers, acrobats, jugglers, and acts that will guarantee to put a smile on your face and start your holiday with a difference. Some passengers have even said they’d wish their flights had been delayed so they could watch some more!

So if you are flying out of Gatwick in the near future be sure to come and say hello.