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Gadeteater Festival Bornholm

Have you ever heard of Gadeteater Festival or the island of Bornholm?

Neither had we until we were booked to come here! Bornholm is a tiny little island out in the Baltic sea reached by ferry from Sweden but it’s owned by the Danish, and is one of the prettiest places we’ve ever had the pleasure to perform at. The people are lovely and the scenery is stunning. Once a year they put together Gadeteater Festival, a long weekend of street theatre from around the world to travel around the island and entertain the crowds. Happily this year we were asked to be one of them.

All aboard!

We started our comedy walkabouts on the ferry itself on the way over to the island with our Snap Happy Paparazzi. The captain announced that two famous British journalists were aboard ship and would be looking for some good stories for the English press. Little did the unsuspecting passengers and staff realise that in fact they were now to be part of a giant floating comedy walkabout (or floatabout) street theatre performance. Chaos and laughter swiftly ensued as we gallivanted about the decks looking for some juicy news stories for our fictitious gutter press newspaper “The Daily Bucket”. Never has a boat journey flown by so fast as we got everyone involved in our floating farce. Great fun. We should work on more ships!

A secret beauty spot!

The island itself has stunning views and the little seaside towns are like mazes of beautiful houses and shops with vast open harbour areas with cafes, bars and ice cream parlours a plenty. How apt for us to don our Tourists costumes, red up our skin so we look like we’ve been burnt to a crisp, pop on our knotted hankies and roll up our trousers and hit the streets as our classic stereotypical two British blokes abroad.

The residents and holidaymakers thought we were hilarious as we got stuck right in to enjoying all the delights that the towns had to offer. Everyone joined in and had a fantastic time. What a wonderful time we’ve had here at the Gadeteater Festival in Bornholm, and we shall be sad to leave. Maybe on the way home on the ferry someone may even spring out and entertain us!

Thank you…

Many thanks go out to all the lovely organisers and volunteers that put this great festival together. Great job! We hope to see you again before to long.

 We’re on to the next part of our Danish tour this afternoon so more The2men news to come.