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Comedy Inventions with great ingenuity!

What a fun and lovely day we had at The Festival of Ingenuity on July 9th. As part of the celebrations of great inventions (including our own comedy inventions!) of the area and other wondrous developments in technological ideas The2men were invited to demonstrate some of our own amazing inventions in the guise of “Pat Pending!”

Who are Pat Pending?

Pat Pending are two mad cap inventors preparing to go on Dragon’s Den by pitching some of their unique and crazy comedy inventions on the audiences. As usual a lot of laughs were had and despite the weather threatening to unleash a torrent of rain, the day was pretty dry, and as a result the crowds that came had a wonderful time. 

What are your Comedy Inventions?

Pat Pending demonstated their amazing spoon with added fan to cool down your food, and also their amazing glasses that let you administer eye drops with out the fuss and mess of traditional methods…

Click! What a picture…

Later on we slipped into our “Snap Happy Paparazi!” characters and could be seen running around the town hailing many of the unsuspecting passers-by as mega super stars and clicking away with our motor-drive camera’s eager to get a top story for our fictitious newspaper “The Daily Bucket!” 

Many thanks go out to all the wonderful staff and volunteers of the day and all the great sports who enjoyed and took part in our crazy comedy walkabouts.

 The Festival of Ingenuity
 The Festival of Ingenuity